How to Feng Shui Your Space for the Fall Season

How to Feng Shui Your Space for the Fall Season

Nixie Marie
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Happy Fall season everyone! As we move into the autumn season here on the western hemisphere, its always a good time to move the energy around in your home to Feng Shui for fall! 

Fall is a season that reminds us it's time to let the dead things go. The things that aren't in alignment. Anything that is no longer serving us and anything we no longer resonate with. I like to think of it as tending to your own garden. When the leaves are dried up... you must remove them in order for new ones to grow. In Feng Shui, you can apply the same principle. 

Autumn is ruled by a Yin energy and in Feng Shui the main objective is to create a home that is in harmony and balanced with nature. Yin energy is soft, feminine, and wise. As we transition into the darker months we are being invited into self reflection. It's the perfect time to slow your roll and take some time to call in your energy into the very present moment. With a Mercury Retrograde kicking off the fall season, we can certainly utilize the energy of this time to finish those projects lying around the home, fix the leaking sink, broken switch and revisit any healthy habits that help aid you through the darker months ahead. 

Feng Shui for Fall

In Feng Shui, we work with the FIVE elements; Earth, Wood, Fire, Water, and Metal to create a healthy flow of chi in your home. Each season is governed by an element that we can use to assist us through the cycles. Fall is ruled by the Metal element which supports us in our communication, creativity, and inspiration. It also is a colder element so depending on where you are in the world, it may be time to get out those cozy socks, put on the heavier comforter, and whip up some yummy healing soups.  

We can often experience an unbalance of metal element in our space. Without a balance of each element in our homes, a specific area of our life can be left depleted. An unbalance of Metal element can look like a lack in creativity, feeling scattered and disorganized, and you can easily be caught in victim mentality. You might also experience deeper states of sadness and depression. This is why bringing light into your space during the colder months is so important for your mental health! A balance of Metal element brings you into a state of cooperation knowing that it takes a village to build your dreams or maintain a home. You have no problem seeking support and voicing what areas of your life could use assistance. You will also experience an easy of orderliness and organization. Clutter finds its way back to its homes without much chaos or blame of who left it there in the first place. 

There are several Feng Shui fall cures that you can do to create a home thats balanced with the Metal element. To help this element assist you in your creativity, communication, and inspiration put the following tips into action! 

  • Organize your financials, budgets, goals and reorganize your shcedule if needed. 
  • Finish incomplete projects around the house including anything that is broken! (also very Mercury Retrograde appropriate) 
  • Clean and decorate your front door with Fall decor and welcome the energy of personal growth and expansion. I like to have fun with Fall wreaths here!
  • Set your bedtime clock earlier and cultivate a bedtime ritual. 
  • Re-design your altar (if you have one) and set it up for self reflection. Apples and pumpkins set the energy of abundance. 
  • If you need more Metal element, add it to the far right area of your home or a specific room. 
  • Ring a metal bell or singing bowl daily to shift up the energy inside your home! 
  • Place Chinese Feng Shui coins around your home to call in prosperity! 

Happy Feng Shui'ing everyone! 

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