New podcast feature!! πŸŽ™ Sailing...

New podcast feature!! πŸŽ™ Sailing For Clean Seas 🌊 . We had so much fun on this podcast because we totally feel like half-hippies and couldn’t be more proud!


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I have 2 guests today on the podcast.   
What a story! They are currently sailing the world while running a business! ⛡️  
@claryti_clean co-founders are spreading awareness on plastic pollution in the ocean through household cleaning products. Their mission is to eliminate the 3rd largest contributor of plastic pollution in the ocean which is household products by creating non-toxic plastic-free cleaning products that people love!  
Welcome, Nixie Marie and Cameron Van Peebles.  
They are so creative, fun, and smart. This conversation had some new perspectives that I hadn’t considered.   
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