About Us

Ahoy there! Welcome to our clean corner on the internet! We are sailors with a mission to eliminate the 3rd largest contributor to ocean plastic which is household products. We were inspired by our time living on our Sailboat, SV Ella to create all-natural cleaning products because everything we use on a boat goes right back into the sea.

The same goes for your home even though it may seem far away your home on land is every bit as connected to the ocean.

We are a partner-SHIP (see what I did there) not just business, but in life! Our goals is to make cleaning fun, easy, and simple.

Together we believe we can make a difference by the products we use in our homes.

Welcome to the clean crew!

Our Promise

Here at CLARYTI we promise to keep things real, fun, and educational. We know cleaning isn't always the favorite chore around the home, however it is something we all do (or hope you do) pretty frequently. We aim to revolutionize the way you clean by eliminating single-use plastic, creating products with non-toxic ingredients, and making the best smelling cleaners your home has ever experienced.

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