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Citrus Pearl All-Purpose Cleaner Refill Jar and Scouring Powder

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Introducing CLARYTI's All-Purpose Cleaning Refill Kit –

The Ultimate Solution for a Sparkling Clean Home!

One glass jar equals to FOUR 16oz. spray bottles.

How to make an all-purpose cleaning spray:
Step #1: Scoop four tablespoons of powder into 2 cups of hot water
Step #2: Stir and let sit until powder dissolves
Step #3: Pour into 16oz. spray bottle

What's Inside:

Our CLARYTI All-Purpose Cleaning Refill Kit is your secret weapon for keeping your home pristine and fresh. With each purchase, you'll receive:

  1. All-Purpose Cleaning Powder: Our signature, eco-friendly cleaning powder is a powerhouse when it comes to tackling dirt, grime, and stains. Formulated with the finest natural ingredients, this cleaning powder ensures a streak-free shine on all surfaces.
  2. Wooden Spoon: Crafted from sustainable wood, our spoon is the perfect tool to help you mix and measure the cleaning powder efficiently.

Note: This kit does not include a glass spray bottle, sponge, or reusable bamboo paper towels. However, you can purchase these separately to complete your cleaning arsenal.

Suggested Use:

CLARYTI's All-Purpose Cleaning Powder is safe for all surfaces, from countertops to glass, and everything in between. Plus, it's versatile enough to act as a scouring powder, effortlessly eradicating even the toughest stains. Say goodbye to those stubborn marks that refuse to budge!

Why Choose CLARYTI?

CLARYTI is committed to revolutionizing your cleaning routine by offering eco-friendly, highly effective products.

Our All-Purpose Cleaning Powder is:

  • Sustainable: We care about the planet just as much as you do. That's why our cleaning powder contains only natural ingredients and is packaged in a recyclable pouch.
  • Powerful: Watch as our Spiced Rum cleaning powder effortlessly lifts dirt and stains, leaving behind a refreshing, inviting aroma in your home.
  • Economical: Each refill kit makes 4-16oz spray bottles, making CLARYTI not only an excellent choice for your home but also for your wallet.

Elevate Your Cleaning Experience with CLARYTI:

With CLARYTI's All-Purpose Cleaning Refill Kit, you're not just cleaning your home – you're making a conscious choice for a cleaner planet. Experience the CLARYTI difference today and discover a new level of clean.

Revitalize your home with CLARYTI's All-Purpose Cleaning Refill Kit – order now and let the power of Spiced Rum transform your cleaning routine!

Sodium borate, Sodium carbonate,  Coconut Oil,  Potassium Hydroxide,  Olive Oil,  Hemp Oil,  Jojoba Oil,  Citric Acid,  Tocopherol, Cymbopogon flexuosus (lemongrass essential oil),  Citrus sinesis (blood orange essential oil),  Citrus paradisi (grapefruit essential oil)

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