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Long Handle Scrubber Brush - Made With 100% Natural Wood & Agave Bristle Fibers

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For tight corners and deep cups...

Love the brush in your Super Solid Dish Soap Starter Kit & want to up your dish game even further? Do you have a burning need to get deep into those hard to reach zones of your pots, cups, kettles & pans? 

We've got you covered! 

Our Long Scrubber Brush is designed to give you an all-natural way to replace dozens of dish sponges & give you extra reaching power. Made with 100% natural wood and agave bristles fibers, our brushes are vegan and sourced mindfully. 

~ Long, long, long head - perfect for tough to reach spots

~ 100% Natural Wood Handle

~ 100% Natural Agave Bristle Fiber

~ 'Last Forever' Design

Meet the evolution of dish soap

Let's be honest with each other and agree that no one actually loves doing the dishes. We decided to bring the joy back into doing the dishes and create a SUPER SOLID way to clean up after your meals.

Meet Super Solid Dish Soap.