7 Benefits of Using All-Natural Cleaning Products

The Benefits of Using All-Natural Cleaning Products

Written by Nixie Marie

Benefits include:

  • Contain Hypoallergenic Ingredients
  • Protects Our Aquatic Marine Life
  • Reduces Your Carbon Footprint
  • Creates a Healthier Environment for You and Your Family
  • Improve Air Quality In Your Home
  • Saves You Money
  • Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

         An average home’s cleaning products consists of a plastic bin filled with an unnecessary consumption of plastic bottles filled with toxic cleaning chemicals. You might be surprised to hear that one of the most toxic areas inside your home is not a possible carbon monoxide leak, but what lies underneath your kitchen sink. Yes, we are talking about cleaning products!

        Today, there are many different variations on what we can call a clean home. Cleaning with harsh chemicals or pouring bleach down the drain isn’t always the type of clean you might think your home needs. There are many benefits to ditching your old toxic plastic cleaning products and switching to all-natural cleaners like our Citrus Pearl, all-purpose cleaner. (insert link to purchase) Many of the cleaning products you see on the shelves today also kill the healthy germs that our human bodies need to maintain a strong immune system.

     The benefits of using all-natural cleaning products like CLARYTI can result in creating a healthier environment for you and your family. The following is a list of reasons why natural cleaning products can improve your vitality and help create a planet that will continue to provide us with the many resources we need to live here on Earth.

  1. Contain Hypoallergenic Ingredients

     For the types that are often met with skin allergies or always find themselves sneezing after cleaning their countertops, all-natural products can be your solution! All-natural means you will be safe with a list of hypoallergenic ingredients that keep your skin soft and smooth as well as better for your allergies!

2. Protects Our Marine Aquatic Life

      Most of us humans have been told that what goes down our drains ends up in a tank somewhere far from the oceans. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and the ocean has become a dumping grounds for toxic waste and chemicals that come from our homes. An often common ingredient found in toxic cleaning agents, sodium lauryl sulfate is incredible toxic to marine life. If you are a fish eater, the increase of chemicals in our oceans leads to impacting the fish you eat, therefore bringing us to a concept that reminds us that we are all connected.

3. Reduces Your Overall Carbon Footprint

    Many green brands like CLARYTI, put sustainability at the forefront of their impact. Most of the toxic cleaning products on the shelves today are filled with mostly water… meaning we have been shipping all over the world weight that doesn’t need to be in the air. By weight in the air, we mean carbon footprint. This directly effects climate change and the overall emissions being put into the Earth’s atmosphere. Purchasing from companies who create concentrates or focus on less packaging can result in lowering your overall carbon footprint.

4. Creates a Healthier Environment for You and Your Family

       Dr. Katherine Marie Zagone, women’s homeopathic fertility expert often explains when a woman is struggling with becoming pregnant, they go through the chemicals that are being used inside their homes. Harsh cleaning products are often factored into infertility. Switching to all-natural products can support in maintaining a healthy reproductive system.

5. Improve Air Quality in your Home

     Having good air quality in your home is incredibly important because what we inhale through our noses, goes directly into our lungs. No one enjoys walking into a room that has just been cleaned with bleach or any other harsh cleaning chemical. In fact, many cleaning products hide behind the fragrances they use as they are not required by law to put their ingredients on their labels. But, when you switch to all-natural products it can become a therapeutic experience for your nose as many including CLARYTI are scented with essential oils. Thus improving your overall air quality inside your home and makes cleaning your surfaces an aromatherapy experience.

6. Saves You Money

    Gone are the days that you need a bin full of plastic cleaning bottles for every area in your home. Most products contain incredibly similar ingredients and it’s a bit of a marketing myth that you need a bathroom cleaner, window cleaner, wood cleaner, etc. While you always want to test a surface of the area you’re cleaning, many all-purpose cleaners can tackle just about any messy job in your home.

       **PRO TIP: CLARYTI’s all-purpose concentrate cleaner is famous for how many odd jobs it can tackle including jet ski scuffs, wine spills on the couch, soap scum in showers, mold and mildew in camper vans, and so much more! Save money by opting for all-purpose cleaners!

7. Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

      In 2021, a report came out stating that household products are the 3rd largest cause of plastic pollution in the ocean.  Many all-natural products come in packaging that isn’t wrapped in plastic or plastic bottles. Therefore, you can feel better about choosing companies that aren't contributing to the plastic crisis.