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Seaspiracy: To Watch or not to Watch?

Seaspiracy: To Watch or not to Watch?          A recent Netflix documentary ‘Seaspiracy’ has left viewers feeling overwhelmed and shocked to learn about the claims the film makes regarding the corrupt fishing industry. As advocates and lovers of the ocean who actually live in a floating vessel with a sole focus on the plastic crisis, we too felt alarmed after watching the film. Since its release the film has received a lot of controversial information, backlash, and criticism from marine biologists, fisherman, scientists, and ocean conservationists. We thought we would chime in on the subject as we have now spent the last six months sailing the Sea of Cortez learning a lot about how we can truly...

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7 Benefits of Using All-Natural Cleaning Products

The Benefits of Using All-Natural Cleaning Products Written by Nixie Marie Benefits include: Contain Hypoallergenic Ingredients Protects Our Aquatic Marine Life Reduces Your Carbon Footprint Creates a Healthier Environment for You and Your Family Improve Air Quality In Your Home Saves You Money Reduce Your Plastic Consumption          An average home’s cleaning products consists of a plastic bin filled with an unnecessary consumption of plastic bottles filled with toxic cleaning chemicals. You might be surprised to hear that one of the most toxic areas inside your home is not a possible carbon monoxide leak, but what lies underneath your kitchen sink. Yes, we are talking about cleaning products!         Today, there are many different...

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