Plastic Free Parenting: Ways to go Zero Waste with your Kids

Have you heard of Plastic Free Parenting? We are all pretty familiar now with many initiatives being taken to reduce our single-use plastic on a personal level. But in a bigger discussion, how do we take this way of life into the minds of our little ones? 

Let's first start with why becoming a plastic free parent should be up on your high priority list. The health effects of plastic exposure on kids alone can have you running for the hills. Aside from certain plastic chemicals like BPA and Phthalates leading to hormonal problems, research has also linked plastic to issues such as obesity, ADHD, low IQ, Foetal brain development, and Asthma. It really makes you wonder if some of our leading health concerns today are the cause of an industrial revolution flaw that we really didn't see coming.

While plastic isn't always the only enemy here and we can all agree that many other factors can be contributing to these health issues, why risk exposing your kids to too much plastic if you have the power to show them a better way? 

Below is a list of ways you can go zero waste with your kids and explore the world of plastic free parenting. 

1. Choose All-Natural Materials: 

      There's something to be said for all-natural and luckily today you don't have to be living off-grid in a Teepee in order to live a natural life. Choosing natural fibers in clothes, baby products, cleaning products, food storage containers, bedding, and toys. There has been so many amazing initiatives built by eco-moms today that enforce options that aren't necessarily going to break your bank. There are many amazing small business owners that create wood toys that will last FOREVER vs. cheap plastic you often find in the stores. Your kiddos are sensitive beings and while they might think they want every plastic toy in the Target aisle, show them other options and why choosing natural materials will have a greater impact on their health and the planets. 


2. Replace Plastic Food Containers:

    Remember those TV dinner's in the 90's? While very convenient for the typical busy parent, this was actually incredibly toxic to our little bodies as kids. The way your children eats is how they can become exposed to plastic chemicals that cause the health concerns listed earlier. While you can't always control where they are eating, you can in your household. When heating food, plastic toxins from the container leaches into the food as it gets reheated. This is why it's so important to put food on a ceramic plate or glass container when reheating. Make the switch to glass, silicone ziplocks, or beeswax wraps for storing food! 


3. Use Reusable Baby Wipes: 

   While you might think this is gross, many of the baby wipes on shelves today actually contain hidden bits of plastic. You can easily make your own baby wipes that are not only safe but much more affordable! We know this option might not be the best for everyone so this article here shows you a step-by-step how to make reusable and disposable baby wipes! 


4. Lighten Your Use of Canned Foods 

    There's a dirty secret to those canned foods we all so conveniently love, especially when your little ones are sick and a chicken noodle soup in a can is an easy go to. Unfortunately, they contain BPA's and are lined with plastic. Find a local soup maker or stock up on bulk dry goods to make your own canned foods you and your kiddos love. 

We hope these tips will help you see a light of day in the daunting task of becoming a plastic free parent! If you loved these tips share them out with your fellow eco-mom's and dad's! 

Let us know if there are any other plastic free tips or hacks you love as a parent! 

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