The Importance of a Sacred Space for Your Inner Power

The importance of a sacred space inside your home goes far beyond just a wellness trend. We spend 80% of our time inside of our homes, perhaps much more in our current reality. How we feel about our homes from the inside out can greatly effect our quality of life. It doesn't matter how big or small your space is, as long as it uplifts your soul. 

While some may focus their entire home being a sacred space, if that is not your main goal you can devote a piece of your space to your inner work. Whether that be a small corner or an entire room that will be determined on the layout of your home. There is a magic in having a safe space to express your emotions, worries, fears, excitements, big wins, and challenges. We don't often have this container in the outside world so it becomes even more important we create this for ourselves. 

Creating a sacred space gives you room to meet your inner power. 

Let's be transparent and agree that life is full of change, heartbreak, and healing. Those pivotal moments in our lives need time for us to be with our thoughts and emotions. We need to allow ourselves to fall to the ground, breathe into the experience, and come out of it feeling re-birthed and renewed. Having a sacred space inside your home will provide you the ability to fully move through this process. 

Life also moves at a pace in which us humans aren't naturally adapt too. We are constantly being met with deadlines, work obligations, childcare, spouses needs, the list goes one. What about that time for us? Every single one of us needs space devoted to our mental well-being. We need nourishment of the soul to feel connected to our purpose and connect to our highest. 

It is through deep devotion to thyself that we remember who we are. 

Your sacred space can be made up of anything that feels good to your soul. Once you have found a good area in your home that your space will be, you want to think about what you want to put in there. Think about what you need to feel completely at peace and safe. Upon setting up your space make sure to set an intention of what this area will provide for you and make sure to clean it regularly with the New Moon to clear the energy of everything you have been working on. Use our cleansing all-purpose cleaner to uplift the energy and clean away any dust. 

Below are some ideas on things you can place inside your sacred space if you feel uncertain where to begin.


  1. Create an Altar as your centerpiece to bring any deities, Gods, or Goddesses that you wish to call forth in your sacred space. 
  2. Candles are a beautiful element to set the vibe of your space. Light one every time you sit in your area and create a ritual with fire. 
  3. Meditation pillow or cushion for sitting on the floor near your altar. 
  4. Sacred objects such as wands, crystals, divination tools, singing bowls, flutes, feathers, anything that is sacred to you. 
  5. Notebooks and journals for writing as this tends to be a place where you will write the most. 
  6. Essential oils to uplift your mood with scent. 
  7. Himalayan salt lamp to cleanse negative energy in your space. 
  8. Speaker or headphones for meditating or mantras playing while you are in your space. 
  9. Vision board or affirmation statements to remind you what you are manifesting. 
  10. Oracle or Tarot decks for daily guidance. 


As you evolve, your space will too so make sure to cleanse it frequently and change it up as it needs. Give yourself the gift of spending time in your sacred space once a day to connect to your inner power and go within. There is a lot of magic that you can create in your space when you remember just how powerful you are!