2022 Sustainable Feng Shui Tips for Your Home

2022 Sustainable Feng Shui Tips for your Home:

Feng Shui and sustainability are two important factors when considering how to create a holistic home. Feng Shui is the art of harmonizing a person with their environment by using the five elements; earth, wood, fire, water, and metal. The goal with Feng Shui is to create a good flow of Chi (pronounced chee) moving through your home. 

Chi can be defined as the life-force or prana which is the breathe of life. When you take a deep inhale into your body that is defined as Chi. It is energy moving through your body. Your home has the same energy and in Feng Shui we like to say that your front door is the mouth of your home where all that good (or bad) energy comes in. 

When we explore the balance of nature we can't ignore inviting sustainability into the space. According to UCLA.EDU Sustainability is defined as the balance between the environment, equity, and the economy. A quote from the UN World Commission on Environment and Development said. "Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

Essentially in order to sustain the life of our future children we must consider our daily choices and how those choices we make might effect those that come after us. This concept was considered to be a way of life in the Native American traditions as it is called the 7th Generation Principle. This concept is to think of the 7th generation coming after you in your words, work, actions, and to also remember the seven generations who came before you. 

In today's world how many of us can directly connect to this concept or even understand how to make choices with our future children in mind. Yet, if we did begin to think in this way one can imagine a different world would be in front of us today.

Our homes are often the easiest place for us to begin practicing the principles of Feng Shui and sustainability because it is where we often spend the most time and create the most habits. Below is a list of ways you can begin your journey in 2022 sustainably with the Feng Shui principles in mind. 

2022 Sustainable Feng Shui Tips for your home

1. Add plants- Plants bring positive Chi and good energy into your home. Two recommendations for this year are to bring peace lily and mother in laws tongue. Make sure to remove any dead plants or dried flowers as this tends to create dead energy in your space. 

2. Lighting- The type of lighting you have in your home can not only effect your energy, it can also harm the environment. Switch your lights to LED's to conserve your electricity. Purchase ones with the most energy efficiency.

3. Less plastic- Plastic has become one of our greatest fren-emies. A convenient resource for many years has now become a toxic element to our bodies and our earth. Opt for more natural materials when decorating your home.

4. Refurbish- Feel like your home could use a little pick me up? Instead of going out and buying new furniture get creative and re-paint, wallpaper, or replace old cushion covers. DIY projects can also improve your overall mental health!

5. Reduce your Plastic- Gone are the days where being all-natural meant you were a hippy living off-grid in the woods (still okay if you are). Living a natural life has sparked buzz in our modern culture. Convert your home into a zen holistic space by using all-natural products.