CLARYTI's mission: To create products people love and drive positive change in the world.
CLARYTI's inspiration: A floating home that teaches us how to live in balance with nature.
CLARYTI's impact: Our products can eliminate up to 220 lbs of plastic per year from every home in the United States. 

When we created CLARYTI, we did it with the planet it mind. We carefully sourced ALL, and we mean ALL of our ingredients, labels, and packaging. We chose companies that align with our core values and bring us and the earth good vibes.
Let's first break down our ingredients, because that's what matters most. We only use natural and organic compounds to create a powerful yet safe cleaner for you and your home. We only use organic essential oils to bring your home effervescent scents that might attract your neighbors (you've been warned).
We prefer glass to plastic because well, we love the ocean and we want to keep sailing for the rest of our time here and also make sure our children, grandchildren, grandchildren's children, grandchildren's children's children... you get the point.. have an ocean they can swim in too.
We also like wood, bamboo, hemp, and metal... anything that can easily be recycled or reusable.
We also ship our products in concentrates to reduce our shipping weight to help offset carbon emissions.... which is a HUGE issue here on planet earth.
Who would go to so much trouble to create a truly sustainable line of cleaning products?


Nixie Marie is a Feng Shui practitioner and Co-Founder of CLARYTI who helps support her clients create sacred spaces and homes that heal. After spending nearly half a decade building a successful green cleaning company, Nixie understands how our homes can be a place that supports our physical, emotional, and mental well being.


Cameron a multiple award-winning marketing leader with nineteen years of experience bringing innovative consumer offerings to market. As a Chief Marketing Officer for a series of leading Adtech ventures, he is a seasoned business building veteran.


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