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Spring Cleaning Starter Kit

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Spring Cleaning Starter  Kit

Grab our most popular bundle yet! Spring has sprung let the spring cleaning begin! This bundle gives you everything you need to make your home sparkle and shine. 

Whats include in the Spring Cleaning Bundle: 

  • 1 Ready-To-Go all-purpose cleaner- Citrus Pearl Scent
  • 1 Super Solid Dish Soap- Citrus Pearl Scent
  • 1 Pot dish scrub brush made out of sisal agave fibers
  • 1 Long Cup scrub brush made out of sisal agave fibers

How to use our all-purpose cleaner: 

Save to use on all non-porous surfaces! Great on countertops, bathtubs, toilets, sinks, soap scum, hard water stains, and so much more! It is famous for getting tough stains out of carpets and clothing! 

Ingredients for Citrus Pearl all-purpose cleaner: Sodium borate, Sodium carbonate, Coconut Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Olive Oil, Hemp Oil, Jojoba Oil, Citric Acid, Tocopherol, Cymbopogon flexuosus (lemongrass essential oil), Citrus sinesis (blood orange essential oil), Citrus paradisi (grapefruit essential oil)


About Super Solid Dish Soap

Claryti’s brand new Super Solid Dish Soap is a fun and completely different way to do the dishes. Super Solid comes directly to you, concentrated in an easy to handle tin that has the cleaning power to replace three plastic liquid dish soap bottles. It also comes with an endlessly reusable scrubber brush, meaning you can finally ditch sponges forever. 

You’ll love Super Solid Dish Soap because of its all-natural, hypoallergenic ingredients and zero-touch design. Did we also mention that it just makes doing the dishes fun? Imagine that!


We’re confident that once you switch to Super Solid Dish Soap you’ll absolutely love it. But if you don’t, we’re offering a 100% money-back guarantee.


Ingredients for Super Solid Dish Soap (Lavender + Tea Tree Scent):*Organic Castor Oil, *Organic Coconut Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, *Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oils (*USDA Certified Organic)


Refunds & Exchanges for Spring Cleaning Bundle: 

We happily offer refunds if you are not satisfied with the product within 14days of purchase. However, we love finding solutions so if you are not happy, please send our team an email and we will hopefully find a resolution! 


Meet the evolution of dish soap

Let's be honest with each other and agree that no one actually loves doing the dishes. We decided to bring the joy back into doing the dishes and create a SUPER SOLID way to clean up after your meals.

Meet Super Solid Dish Soap.