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Super Solid Dish Soap Lavender Sea Starter Kit

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Super Solid Dish Soap - Starter Kit 

Our starter kit includes: 

  • One Super Solid Dish Soap concentrate tin - Replaces three liquid dish soap bottles. 
  • One endlessly reusable wood & agave bristle dish scrubbing brush -  Replaces all of your sponges.

For more convenience, and even more savings, sign up for a subscription. Never run out of dish soap again!

About Super Solid Dish Soap

Claryti’s brand new Super Solid Dish Soap is a fun and completely different way to do the dishes. Super Solid comes directly to you, concentrated in an easy to handle tin that has the cleaning power to replace three plastic liquid dish soap bottles. It also comes with an endlessly reusable scrubber brush, meaning you can finally ditch sponges forever. 

You’ll love Super Solid Dish Soap because of its all-natural, hypoallergenic ingredients and zero-touch design. Did we also mention that it just makes doing the dishes fun? Imagine that!

We’re confident that once you switch to Super Solid Dish Soap you’ll absolutely love it. But if you don’t, we’re offering a 100% money-back guarantee.

Turn ‘UGHHH’ into ‘I’ll do it!’ 

Let's face it, nobody LIKES to do the dishes. It’s a dirty, thankless job that hasn’t changed much in decades. Add on rubber gloves, slimy used sponges, and soapy greywater that is anything but clean, and the dishes have turned into the job that everyone avoids after the last dessert fork is put down. This is where Super Solid Dish Soap comes in. Our concentrated solid formula stays neatly in the reusable tin, and our scrubber brush means that hands stay clean, even when they’re not wearing those sexy multicolored gloves. This all means that ‘Hey, I’ll do the dishes tonight’ is the new, much-improved way to say ‘Thanks for cooking that awesome meal’!

Zero Plastic, Waste-Free Design

Household products, and dish soaps, in particular, are the 3rd most common source of plastic pollution as reported by BreakFreeFromPlastic.org. Claryti’s Super Solid Dish Soap contains zero, and we mean ZERO plastic of any kind. This makes your switch to our dish soap one of the easiest and most effective ways for you to make a huge positive impact on the global plague of plastic pollution.

Ditch Sponges, Because They’re Gross

Let’s face it, sponges are gross. After just a few uses they turn into disgusting reservoirs for any and all types of bacteria, rotting food, random gunk, and whatever that stuff is that grows under the fridge. Super Solid Dish Soap’s washable scrubber brush means you may never touch a sponge again. And our reusable tin packaging means precise application is easy and wet countertops are a thing of the past. Hallelujah! 

All-Natural, Incredibly Powerful Ingredients

All products you use in your home eventually make their way down the drain and into our oceans. However, dish soaps have the most direct path down your drain and into our environment. Super Solid Dish Soaps contains 100% natural, organic, and non-toxic ingredients, including scents derived from essential oils. 

Ingredients: *Organic Castor Oil, *Organic Coconut Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, *Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oils (*USDA Certified Organic)

Got Sensitive Skin? We Got You Covered 

For those of us with sensitive skin, doing the dishes can be a nightmare. The reasons are simple - Liquid dish soaps are filled with phosphates, phthalates, dyes and synthetic fragrances… and your hands get covered in them. Not only does Super Solid Dish Soap use nothing but plant-based, all-natural ingredients that are 100% hypoallergenic, our zero-touch scrub brush & tin can combo means your hands might never touch a single sud. Rubber gloves be damned, you’re a thing of the past!

Meet the evolution of dish soap

Let's be honest with each other and agree that no one actually loves doing the dishes. We decided to bring the joy back into doing the dishes and create a SUPER SOLID way to clean up after your meals.

Meet Super Solid Dish Soap.